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A "Life of Art" is when you deliberately seek meaningful life experiences through a creative process. Of course, creativity is the key so these training courses are designed to get your team thinking CREATIVELY while working together to problem solve!

Collaborative Team Building Art Projects 

Collaborative Art: 

How Do We Fit Together?  

Level: Beginner

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $39 for each person - up to 8 people.

$29 each up to 20 people

  *4 person minimum for teams.

All materials are included to create a complete collaborative art piece.

To Sign Up: Contact Debi at 

Why A Collaborative Art Piece?

This activity is designed to help you personally integrate and share your inspiration and learning with your team through an artistic, open and safe process.  As a result, your team will create a complete collaborative artwork that will be professionally finished for display in your offices.

Why Art?

Here are some benefits of art-making!

  • It is a nonverbal mode of communication and expression that encourages creativity.

  • It’s a form of relaxation, relieves stress, increases personal morale and a mood booster.

  • Increases brain connectivity and plasticity.

  • Improves your sense of self and provides a sense of accomplishment.

  • It allows your team to consciously practice a growth mindset.

A Growth Mindset & Safe Space

A Growth Mindset is about embracing challenges, persisting through obstacles and learning through inspiration! Effort Matters!


The objective of this activity is to discover your creative self while building a team mindset to nurture creativity.

Key learning opportunities and takeaways from this workshop:

  • Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow and make even better art. We love mistakes, trust them and learn to love them.

  • Commit to imperfection. There is no such thing as perfection in art.

  • Play & Enjoy the process. The product will follow.

  • Trust Yourself. You are your own guru in art and life.

  • Discomfort is working at your learning edge. If you are uncomfortable, embrace this as an opportunity to explore why and learn more about yourself.

  • Ask for feedback. If you have a goal or vision and are frustrated – ask for guidance.

  • Share what you are learning. About watercolor, collage, composition, visual story-telling,  color, insights and your own creative process.

  • Get curious and ALWAY Ask questions, lots of questions!

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