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My Programs...

I have added several of my presentation and workshop themes, but my focus is on creating customized programs for your school and for your students!

Motivational Speeches
  • Motivational Speeches for Teacher Orientation and Professional Learning:  

    • “CPR…Resuscitating Your Love of Teaching”

    • “Teaching with Purpose”

    • “Visualizing Virtues”

    • “Leadership in Education”

    • Custom speeches built around annual themes

Teacher Workshops
  • Teacher Workshops:  

    • “Project-Based Learning Techniques”

    • “Arts Integration for Engagement”

    • “Summative Assessment Books and Beyond”

    • “Theme-based Learning Ideas”

    • “Narrative Necklaces as a Teaching Tool”

    • “CONNECTing through STEAM-based Learning”

    • Custom programs that can be made for all disciplines and grade levels

Student Programs
  • Student Programs: 

    • “Eliminopee and the Alphabet Tree…Collaborative Mural Making through Visual Imagery”

    • “Bookmaking for Learning”

    • “Literacy Portraits”

    • “Tape Mural Magic”

    • “Poetry Palooza Collaborative Chalk pARTy”

    • Custom student programs created specifically for you and your kiddos

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Addresses:  I have been honored to be a featured speaker at the following art education association conferences over the past decade: North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, New Jersey, Nebraska/Iowa, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia and I have given over 80 local, regional and national presentations about children and the power of an arts education to propel learning to the next level!

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